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Choose 2 of your favorite team or school colors. Show your pride!
Sorority & Fraternity / Corporate Colors too!


TableSnugg is a simple yet brilliant way to secure your tablecloth to a picnic table to prevent the tablecloth from blowing away on a windy day. Accessorize your party with additional colors to match the theme, corporate, school, tailgate and sports team colors. Enhance the fun of any great tailgate or homegate party.  Made in America.


Mini - Fits Tables 4 Ft long x 2 Ft wide

Small - Fits Tables 6 Ft long x 2.5 Ft wide (tailgate size!)

Medium - Fits Park Tables 6 Ft long x 3 Ft wide

Long - Fits Tables 8 Ft long x 3 Ft wide

12 Pack - Team Colors

  • Machine Washable, Cold.  Throw in Dryer.  100% Polyester. Warm Iron if necessary.  1-Inch Gingham Check. Fabrics may vary.  Trademarked. Accessories not included.   


  • Products can be returned for up to 30 Days.  Once your product has been received a refund will be issued within 5 Business Days.  For questions please call us at 480-236-4884.

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