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Tailgate Season!

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World Picnic Domination


The TableSnugg Original Drawstring Tablecloth was conceived of and designed by a Kindergarten Teaching, Busy Mom with an Active Family who loved to Picnic!


This crazy, busy family lived in a windy climate that demanded the perfect solution to yet another wind blown picnic.  Mother is the Necessity of Invention and the gears started grinding.


The final design had to be adjustable to fit a variety of tables, be reusable, washable, recyclable, durable and of course cute as a button!


Clips, weights, rock, soda bottles and strategically placed ice chests or hard back novels just would not do.  The solution this creative Mom landed upon was a simple drawstring and cord stop!


Today, our Family-Run Business creates this timeless, clever, and functional picnic, party or holiday item just for you and your family and friends.  We are grateful for all the people who helped us along the way and gave us feedback and support.  We love our seamstresses and our suppliers!


TableSnugg is thrilled to be a part of your picnic, tailgate party, camping trip, birthday party, wedding, or whatever!  Special fabric requests are A-Okay!  Just ask. 

We are a “Yes” company.


Janelle Dessaint Kimura



No More Wind Blown Tablecloths!

Secure Your Tablecloth

Adjustable Fit with Our Drawsting Cinch System

Smart, Convenient, Attractive

Decorate Around Your Theme, Team or School Colors

Competitive Dept Store Pricing

Washable Year After Year

USA Made


No More!




Lost Clips

Bungee Cords

Pop Cans or

Ice Chests


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